Dozens of people dance in Puerta del Sol to the rhythm of Alaska despite the snowfall and the pandemic

Neither the worst snowfall in decades nor the third wave of the pandemic. Dozens of people have defied the snow and the virus at Puerta del Sol in Madrid dancing to the rhythm of the Who cares from Alaska.

Despite warnings from local and national authorities, the streets in the center of the capital have been crowded today. La Macarena has also been danced and there have been countless snowball battles.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, has warned that mobility “also poses a risk to pedestrians” in weather alert situations such as the one caused these days by the storm ‘Filomena’.

“When it is said that you have to try to be at home, it is not on a whim, nor by forcing anyone to be detained, it is because mobility in these situations carries a risk for pedestrians too,” he said.

This was stated this Saturday by the Minister of Transport during his appearance at a press conference to report on the current effects of the storm.

The risks and the snowballs

The minister has warned of the possibility of falls or falls of trees that entails the mobility of people. “There are risks, you have to be prudent about that,” he said.

Likewise, Ábalos recalled that there is still a pandemic in Spain “with very high contagion effects.” “Let’s not forget about it and the snowfall is not going to make us lose sight of the situation we are experiencing. It seems that the most advisable thing was to take the longest stay in the homes “, has specified.

At around 8 pm, a “snowball war” was called in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao, in which dozens of people participated.

“There is always a contradictory reaction,” lamented Ábalos, who, however, stressed that “it is always satisfactory that people have a spirit of joy, celebration, enjoying life.”

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