“Dr. Dee: Vet in Alaska” – Documentary – Docuseries, TLC, 07/06/2022, 07:05 – Broadcast in the TV program – TV & Radio

if dr Since she makes house calls in remote villages, she can only take equipment that fits on the plane. Today the vet flies 370 kilometers away to Ruby, a small village on the Yukon River with around 170 inhabitants. The treatments and surgeries are carried out in the local launderette. The recovery station is in the shower rooms. Boston Terrier Nemo is to be spayed today because he is a real womanizer and sires puppies all the time. But the surgery is more complicated than you think. Meanwhile, at the clinic in Fairbanks, Doctor Terry holds the fort. Here Shepherd Ryder comes into the emergency room with nasty abrasions.

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