Drama about Jacobs: son rescuer, dad intensive care unit

What a dramatic and emotional story about NFL star Josh Jacobs! He’s had an eventful week.

The Las Vegas Raiders running back was on the field in Saturday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs – even though his father is still in intensive care after emergency heart surgery.

But Marty Jacobs told his hesitant son to play the Chiefs anyway and he would be watching the game from the hospital in Tulsa. Because Jacobs was able to secure the rushing title against the Chiefs, he was the undisputed leader before the game with 1,608 yards.

He couldn’t prevent the 13:31 defeat, but with his 45 yards he was able to increase his season’s haul to 1,653 yards. His first pursuer has a good 200 yards less on the account.

Jacobs had been staying with his father in Tulsa for the past few days after he was admitted on Tuesday. Jacobs flew back to Las Vegas on Friday night.

Josh Jacobs: Son saves grandpa’s life

The background of the emergency touches even more, because Josh Jacobs’ son probably saved his grandfather’s life: Six-year-old Braxton called the US emergency number “911” because Marty Jacobs was not feeling well. Luckily in time.

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