Dreams come true: Lucid Motors confirms delivery October 30, 2021

Invented in California: Lucid Motors was designed and developed in Silicon Valley, and the electric cars are manufactured in Arizona. It will be the world’s first e-cars to have a 520-mile radius on a fully charged battery. That’s 836 kilometers; 185 kilometers more than a Tesla Model S drives with a full battery. Lucid Motors’ delivery to customers begins today, October 30th, 2021 with an exclusive Dream Delivery event in California.

Lucid Motors announced further strategy details at an investor event: For the first time, the Lucid Air sedans will be made available to the public for test drives. The delivery date for the luxury edition has also been set.

Last Tuesday, the first luxury electric sedans of the Type Lucid Airfrom Casa Grande, Arizona. And today, October 30th, the first customers will receive their vehicles, said Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson on the sidelines of the event. Deliveries of the Grand Touring, Touring and Air Pure models will follow.
Lucid Motors is bringing the world’s first electric car that has a range of over 800 kilometers on a full battery © Lucid Motors

Peter Rawlinson was the ex-chief engineer at Elon Musk, responsible for that back then Tesla Model S. His credo was and is that he will only present a new electric car to the world when it can beat a Tesla, and in the best case even surpass it. Well, in terms of range, that has already worked out quite well, because driving a full 836 kilometers without recharging is quite a big deal!

Lucid Motors already has over 13,000 pre-orders for the Lucid Airget, the planned total production volume of the luxury edition Dream Edition has meanwhile been increased to 520 vehicles due to the strong demand. There is already a waiting list for the Dream Edition.

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With the rollout of the first Stromer from Lucid, the concept of Rawlinson and his team becomes clearer: The excellent technology and software represent another milestone in terms of eMobility.

Peter Rawlinson was previously responsible for the Model S at Tesla
Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson was previously responsible for the Model S at Tesla © Lucid

The market value of $ 25 billion for Lucid is huge right now. And the rating multiples for Lucid Motors are higher than those of the competition (Tesla). In order to convince investors, Lucid has to continue delivering, whereby it is already clear that the share is worth an investment (WKN A3CVXG or US5494981039 € 32.35 – before 10/30/21). For less risky investors who would rather diversify than make a single investment in Lucid, there is the E-Mobility Newcomer Index, in which you can invest. Lucid Motors is weighted here with 16 percent. With the factor 1 certificate (WKN: MA4V6W), the investor has the opportunity to participate one-to-one in the development of the index.

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