Driver’s license: we must take inspiration from the United States

Posted on January 5, 2023


If there is one thing that France does (unfortunately) better than the others, it is bureaucratic excesses. After seeing the crazy houseone cannot help but see unnecessarily complex systems while other simpler ones exist.

Take the driver’s license. The current system established 30 years ago would be the origin the division by three of mortality on the roads. Even if this is really the case, it has several flaws.

First of all, many offenses are not really offenses and cause unnecessary point losses.

Limitations, minutes and unnecessary internships

Speed ​​limits may be justified in densely residential areas, but why are they so low on motorways? A speed of 110 km/h – as it seems in preparation for – outside a major urban center has no justification other than to help the police fill out quotas of minutes. In any case, there does not seem to be unanimity as to the increase or not of the dead with a augmentation speeds. The Autobahnwith no limit outside major centers, make less more deaths than in the United States. Not counting the studies mixed pollution from slower-speed traffic.

Still on the subject of the minutes, how ban tinted windows does it increase security? At Québec, the panes must allow 75% of the light to pass through, making the operation practically useless. In Idaho, they allow tints that block 80% of the light and I have never had an accident due to the lack of visibility.

I could go on for a long time. The safety argument for tickets is rather weak.

So in France, if you are caught committing an offense (usually arbitrary), you will lose points on your license; twelve points lost and your driver’s license is suspended.

But one stage raising awareness allows some to be recovered fairly quickly. In two consecutive days, a qualified course d’infantilisant par Le Figaro allows you to recover four for the sum of 100-280 euros per session. And you don’t even have to listen! There is no test to pass at the end of the course. Although at the price you have to pay, you better…

However, this device seems very complex. I had to do some research to fully understand it.

And in the United States?

In the United States (and Canada), the driver’s license system is much simpler.

Au Texas, you can also lose your license due to too many violations, drunk driving or, if you are under 21, if you buy alcohol. You can always challenge your suspension and also your minutes. Your chances are pretty good if the officer is not present during your hearing (I was so lucky).

But for drunk driving, the government is ruthless. You must follow rehabilitation courses of the same laxity than in France, that is to say without any final exam.

In short, it’s up to you to behave well on the road in Texas. Redemption courses are only compulsory for major faults. And if my experience of the roads is representative, there are not many speed controls. Minutes quotas are mostly the business of Democratic jurisdictions, where the funds are needed to fund all the extravagant extravaganzas.

In short, let’s hope that the French Byzantine system can finally experience relief in 2023, starting with these strange recovery stages. They seem to serve only established players who owe their turnover solely to the often questionable offenses of the public authorities.

The height is finally that there is no final exam: it is enough to lose 14 hours and money to recover four penalty points.

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