Drought in California: the battle for water

Admittedly, the machine takes up a little space in the garden, it makes a little noise, and cost him a little dear, € 26,000, but Don Johnson is delighted with his investment. It turns air into water. It only takes six days to recover 350 liters, to water the garden in these times of restriction, but also to drink. The young company that manufactures them has increased its sales by eleven in the past four months. Don was one of the first buyers.

A little further north, the irrigation of its 25 hectares of vines currently only depends on a reservoir located several kilometers away and very little filled. So this winegrower calls on a dowser to find water on his land. After several hours of research, he spotted a potential water point. Dowsers across the region are overwhelmed, despite high prices: a flat rate of € 1,300, plus € 530 per hour.

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