Drunk driver truncates dreams of young Cordoba


Córdoba.- Jeniffer was just 25 years old, in which she managed to fulfill one of her biggest dreams: to travel the world. However, his new projects were truncated by a drunk driver who hit the taxi in which he was traveling, dying pressed in the early hours of January 1 in Playa del Carmen, in the state of Quintana Roo.
Jennifer Cecilia Morales Pulido, from Cordoba, lived in that city for approximately two years, after graduating from the Tourism degree at the Technological University of the Center of Veracruz (UTCV). She was also known for having been a member of the Panteras de Córdoba volleyball team. A year ago Jennifer traveled to New Zealand, to the county of The Hobbits, the town that JRR Tolkien described and that we saw in the cinema in The Lord of the Rings. He also came to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Sydney, working for a transatlantic cruise company.
Jenni (as her many friends called her) also visited Canada, Alaska, Portugal and Spain, from where she shared photos accompanied by new friends that were being born.
The accident
It was around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 1, Jennifer was on her way home, after celebrating the New Year. She was riding in the backseat of taxi number 3083, when the driver of a white Nissan X-Trail pickup hit the rental car, throwing it into the back of another taxi number 3097.
According to local media, the person responsible for the carom was driving while intoxicated and with excessive speed, which is why he was arrested at the scene of the accident that occurred near the exit filter of the Cancun-Playa del Carmen highway.
The taxi in which Jennifer was riding was practically split in half, and tires rolled up on the central median, where the truck also remained. While the other taxi stopped its march on the treadmill. Rescuers removed Jennifer with the help of the “jaws of life”, the special pliers to separate the pressed body, but she no longer had vital signs.
Jenni, the one who always smiled, the one who is now remembered as a bright, unique, authentic and energetic young woman, has been veiled from the early hours of this Sunday at her house located on 6th avenue and 8th street of the Carranza neighborhood in Cordova.

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