Duartiana branch in Washington recognizes Miguel Balaguer

The branch of the Duartiano Institute in Washington recognized the diplomat and number member of that patriotic organization, Miguel Balaguer for his career and identification with the ideal of Juan Pablo Duarte and the promotion of his values.

The distinction was presented by Rosalba Llenas, president of the entity, and other members of its board of directors, in a ceremony that took place at the Tower Club, organized by the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Llenas said that Balaguer provided invaluable support in his capacity as honorary adviser to that affiliate. Since 2016 he has helped uphold the legacy of the founding fathers in the metropolitan areas of the districts of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Balaguer stated that he did it with great humility and commitment, without fissures in favor of a greater dissemination of Duarte values ​​and Dominican nationality.

The honoree, who works as Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, attended the event accompanied by Carlos Miguel Díaz and David Pardini.

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