Eating an avocado a day helps reduce fat storage

We consume it regularly, in salads, toast, or even in smoothies or desserts. The avocado is already popular for its taste and originality in recipes, but above all for its exceptional nutritional qualities. A study published on the website Medical Xpress even revealed that consuming this fruit for 12 weeks could be helpful for losing weight.

Consume an avocado a day to lose weight

For 12 weeks, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA) studied the profiles of a group of 105 overweight or obese adults. The goal? Understand the link between avocado consumption and body fat storage in adults.

They then analyzed the results between those who ate meals including an avocado a day, and the second group who consumed the same ingredients and calories, this time without avocado on the menu. When comparing fat storage levels and overall health effects, they noticed almost no change in men. However, experience has shown that daily consumption of an avocado caused a reduction of abdominal fat in women.

“Although the daily consumption of avocados did not change the glucose tolerancewhat we have learned is that a diet which includes an avocado every day had an impact on how individuals store body fat in a way beneficial to their health, but the benefits were mainly in women,” explained Naiman Khan, one of the professors who participated in the study.

The benefits of avocado on fat storage and health

This promising study is not a silver bullet, however. the lawyer is an oilseed that should not be abused, according to some nutritionists. This study mainly showed some benefits of avocado on gut health and fat storage.

“The goal was not to losing weight ; we wanted to understand the link between avocado consumption and how individuals store their body fat. The location of fat in the body plays an important role in health,” explained Naiman Khan, one of the professors who took part in the study.

Researchers want to further study the subject in order to understand more precisely the correlation between avocado consumption and the storage of body fat.

“Our research not only sheds valuable light on the benefits of daily consumption of avocados on the different types of fat distribution between the sexes, but it also provides us with a foundation to conduct further work to understand the full impact of avocados on body fat and health,” said Richard Mackenzie, Professor of Metabolism human at the University of Roehampton in London.

If the results of the study are positive, remember that for losing weightit is necessary to adopt a Healthy eating and balanced and practice a sporting activity. And that eating an avocado a day can also be very harmful to the environment.

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