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LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 26: Laker’s Kobe Bryant, 24, celebrates a three-point run in the fourth quarter as the Lakers beat the Nuggets 122-107 in a first round playoff basketball game between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers on April 23. 2008 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News / SCNG)

Since the death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, many NBA stars have shared many stories about him. From his insane scoring abilities to his legendary Mamba mentality, we’ve heard a plethora of stories about the great deceased.

The past few months have proven just how much impact Kobe has had on the basketball world. While he may be gone, these stories will perpetuate Kobe’s legacy forever.

Wesley Johnson spent two years of his career with Kobe as a Laker. During his stint with the team, Kobe was nearing retirement and the Lakers were slowly losing their star power. However, Kobe was known for his attitude of never giving up and he always did his best to help LA win.

Johnson shared a story about Bryant when the Lakers lost to the Warriors in a game. He said:

“We get this long text message from Kobe and it was like, ‘Yo, what’s your consumption on this game?’ … So I read it and he was like ‘My gift and my curse is, if I feel like I’m not doing it’ There is no one on the floor who is going to compete with me, I will just face everyone alone. But I feel like with you, you take this challenge with me and accept it, so why are you doing this? “

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Kobe’s thirst to win was something we might never see in a player again. But it was crazy competition, which usually rubbed off the players the wrong way. Johnson then discussed his response to Kobe’s question.

“I’m like, he wants to see who I am basically. I’m like, I love this game, I love to compete, I love to play whatever behavior my behavior may be passive… but on the floor I am competing. ”

Johnson revealed that this was the first time a superstar like Kobe had asked him what the game meant to him. It is moments like these that will forever keep Kobe Bryant alive in the memory of NBA players and fans.

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