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The college football bowling season is ringing in the New Year in style with four bowling matches on Friday January. 1. The big highlight is the college football playoffs as the country’s top four teams compete for the national title, but there are two more intriguing clashes on tap for the Peach Bowl and Citrus Bowl.

So if you are wondering “What are the college football games going on today?” Know this: there are four scheduled for today, Friday, January. 1.

Why you should watch: The undefeated Bearcats wear the Group of 5 mantle for this year’s bowling season, luring the Bulldogs to Atlanta. Cincinnati will have a chance to prove he deserves more of being considered in the playoffs, but in order to do that he must beat a Georgia team that looked different since moving to USC transfer JT Daniels at quarterback. Points can be hard to come by, however, with both teams having strong defenses.

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Why you should watch: Auburn is led by interim head coach Kevin Steele after Gus Malzahn was sacked. The Tigers have hired former Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin, but he’s only going to watch them when they face Northwestern. The Wildcats held their own against Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game until the fourth quarter, but don’t expect Pat Fitzgerald’s side not to show up in Orlando. Auburn is more talented but has lost several key players while Northwestern are still well trained and generally play basically healthy football.

Why you should watch: Notre Dame has another chance to prove herself in this stage and can’t wait to redeem herself after being beaten by Clemson in the ACC Championship game. No one has stopped that Alabama offense all season, so can the Irish slow down the Crimson Tide enough to pull off the backlash?

Why should you watch: These two teams played a classic in last season’s playoffs and everyone is well aware of the shadow Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney threw at Ohio State. The Buckeyes flexed their muscles late in the Big Ten Championship game behind Trey Sermon’s run, but quarterback Justin Fields needs to bounce back in a big way if they are to beat the Tigers. Clemson avenged his only loss of the season in beating Notre Dame to win another ACC title, but this Tigers team is not without its flaws and offensive coordinator Tony Elliott will miss this game due to COVID-19 protocols. Ohio State has never beaten Clemson (0-4) and the Buckeyes know what to say if that doesn’t change on Friday night.

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