Econatura Levante Artificial Turf, a specialist company in the sale and installation of artificial grass

Econatura Levante Artificial Grass, a company specializing in the sale and installation of artificial grass. Because adapting the spaces with an ecological lawn, it is possible.

EcoNatura It has different types of grass to adapt them to any need. Vision Plus, 26mm Artificial Grass, Birmingham, 32 – 37mm Artificial Grass, Finesse, 24 – 28 – 37mm Artificial Grass, Poplar, 24 – 35mm Artificial Grass, Garden Deluxe, 32mm Artificial Grass or Supreme, 42 Artificial Grass – 47 mm. A pioneering company in Valencia as a producer, supplier and installer of artificial grass, not only residential, but also sports, for public works and playgrounds.

And it is that the impact caused by natural grass is increasing, mainly due to the enormous consumption of water required to keep them in perfect condition throughout the year, but also due to the continuous maintenance it requires. Some studies show that a single family can consume more than 25,000 liters of water dedicated solely to the irrigation of a natural grass garden, without counting on daily care consuming electricity.

On a large scale, this has even greater consequences for the environment. The problem is solved with social responsibility and awareness of companies, seeking a sustainable change in the production of alternatives in accordance with climate change and the available resources. The installation of artificial grass represents an important change in terms of maintenance, and although it is true that production can have a greater impact than natural grass, if the materials with which it is produced are recycled and its production process is responsible with renewable energy, the impact is almost nil.

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That’s why currently Econatura Levante Artificial Grass has expanded its fleet of vehicles to provide a faster and more efficient service to its customers. Counting on several teams of installers that carry out simultaneous installations throughout the Valencian Community. We also have numerous distributors throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands who offer our products for their maximum quality and service as they themselves claim.

Change should not only be done on a large scale, but on an individual basis. In many gardens of private homes, this change from natural to artificial means savings for consumption and ease of maintenance, although there are many doubts that still arise, such as what is the price of artificial grass, with what products should I maintain it, yes it is dangerous for animals or children, as with many other changes, as the implantation of artificial grass becomes more widespread, these doubts will be resolved.

In addition to the aforementioned, the installation of artificial grass starts with other advantages such as being suitable for any climate, staying green throughout the year.
Be economical and sustainable. In most cases it is recyclable or reusable. And since it does not require irrigation, saving in water consumption is important.
It can be placed on any type of soil, hard or soft, although on natural surfaces it will be necessary to prepare the ground for its installation and first place an anti-herb mesh. It is easy to clean and maintain and does not need sunlight to grow and stay healthy, making it the best solution for shady areas AND it is anti-allergic

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Econatura Levante Artificial Grass

Econatura Levante Artificial Grass is a company specialized mainly in the production and installation of artificial grass, with a huge range of products that follow environmental guidelines to make any work done on grass more sustainable.

Its objective is to listen to our clients (individuals and professionals) to manufacture the artificial grass that best suits their needs. Its greatest achievement and difference in the market is to manufacture the most realistic artificial grass and also to have the best qualified installers with whom they will be able to create the garden or terrace of their dreams.

Of course, to be the best installers you have to work with the best European product, that’s why they are the unique factory distributors TigerTurf in the Spanish Levante. Named the most realistic artificial grass on the market. Where all the materials used are ecologicalLead Free and its parent company TenCate is continually testing to improve its products.

It manufactures tailored to its clients: according to the type of activity to be carried out, the number of hours of use of the facility, differentiation of colors and marking for sports courts and according to your budget.

Belonging to a multinational like TIGER TURF grants them the privilege of being manufacturers, suppliers and installers of our own artificial grass. Produced in our own factories.

To achieve the dreams of their clients they also have a technical team that will design all their outdoor areas by providing them with a 3D plan where they can see their garden 100% finished with artificial grass, natural vegetation that the experts advise or even with areas of stamped concrete. Nothing is impossible for them, if the client requests it they do it.

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