Eden Silva vs Robin Montgomery prediction (05/13/2022), bets and odds

On May 13, 2022 at 12:00 Moscow time, an ITF Championship match will take place, in which Eden Silva will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will face in this fight.


Since the tennis match between Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery will take place on May 13, 2022, there is more and more excitement around him every day. There is no doubt that at 12:00 Moscow time there will not be a single empty seat in the stands, and many viewers will take their places near the screens. The only face-to-face meeting took place four years ago, and then she showed that Eden Silva at that time was much stronger than Robin Montgomery.

Eden Silva – Robin Montgomery. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

There is not much time left until May 13, 2022, so those who still want to see the tennis match between Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery live should hurry up. For four years, Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery have not gone out together on the same court, and previously there were only two personal meetings in which each opponent managed to get one victory with a score of 3-2. This match starts at 12:00 GMT.

Eden Silva

The first matches of this season have shown that Eden Silva is in great shape, so he can go very far. In addition, there will be no problems with motivation, since the tournament is home, which means that powerful public support is provided in each match. In previous matches, the majority believed that Eden Silva was an outsider, but nevertheless they ended in victories, guaranteeing passage to the next stage. Eden Silva is great at playing back and defending near the net, although his attacking style is still used more often. Eden Silva has a strong serve with both hands, and also knows how to properly use not only the forehand, but also the backhand. Matches on this court surface are not particularly difficult as Eden Silva can play well anywhere, changing his style depending on the situation.

In principle, the start of this season can be considered quite good, because even though Karolina Muchova in six games played has only three wins, all three defeats were exclusively from the representatives of the TOP-20 of the world tennis rating. At the same time, a struggle was imposed on all three opponents, which allowed them to win one set each. The main specialization is hardcover, but in the halls, Karolina Muchova does not play often, only occasionally applying for such tournaments. In the draws, Karolina Muchova keeps the pace of the game-high and also attacks deeply from forehand. In addition, despite the fact that now is only the beginning of the season, Donna Vekic shows very little marriage in the exchange of blows. So far, Robin Montgomery is in 112th place in the tennis rankings, but this season there is every chance to break into the top hundred and avoid qualifications at prestigious tournaments.

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Forecast and rate from taffnews.ru

Tennis lovers are waiting for the start of the match, which will be played by Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery. Now these athletes are among the best tennis players of our time. With consistent results and a varied game that is enjoyable for fans of the sport, they have been able to establish themselves in the tennis elite, gaining recognition from the fans. Today’s match, as well as most matches in the career of these athletes, will be important for them, as the victory will allow one step closer to the next trophy, which will undoubtedly raise the level of athletes even more in the eyes of loyal fans. The experts of our site, as well as world tennis experts, believe that Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery should use their entire rich arsenal, since it is unlikely that they will be able to win with little blood in such a confrontation. Athletes are well aware of how rich the opponent’s arsenal is, so they will try to impose their game, which will allow them to control the course of the match. Naturally, it will be very difficult to do this, since in order to break an opponent of this level it is psychologically necessary to constantly act as the first number, and this will require a lot of effort. Based on this, when making predictions for this match, our experts paid attention to all the little aspects that can influence the course of this match. This approach allowed us to look at this confrontation from a different angle, which provided new forecasting solutions, which can be found below.

At the moment, Eden Silva occupies the 39th place in the world tennis ranking, because according to the results of the last season, he managed to rise by more than forty lines. This season, Eden Silva again plays most of his fights on hard surface, as it is not yet possible to show such good results on other courts. The start of this season has not been set yet, as the first two tournaments were eliminated in the early stages, and at the prestigious last tournament there was a weak result, since the elimination was already at the 1/32 stage, without winning at least one set. Eden Silva cannot boast of stability, which is why in his entire career he has never been able to climb into the top twenty of the strongest rackets in the world. With a good serve, Eden Silva does not always act confidently at the reception, and even on the back line when exchanging blows, there are sometimes blunders.

At this tournament, Misaki Doi also plays with qualifications, but in the first three matches there was not particularly strong resistance, so she did not have to spend much effort to win. This allowed us to gain a good move, so that in the last fight we even managed to beat a more eminent opponent who was not in the best condition. Now it is difficult to say whether Robin Montgomery has any weaknesses, because the 149th racket of the world looks stable in all moments of the game. Robin Montgomery confidently puts the ball into play with a strong serve, and can exchange blows not only on the back line, but also anywhere on the court, even near the net. There are no problems with speed either, because Robin Montgomery works a lot with his feet and constantly moves on the court, choosing the best place to receive the ball. There haven’t been long fights yet where you have to spend hours on the court, so it’s not yet clear how Robin Montgomery will perform in an endurance match. But, since Robin Montgomery is not even twenty years old, it is unlikely that there will be problems in this regard.

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Today match Eden Silva – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Since the start of the current tennis season, Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery have begun to show an excellent level of training, which resulted in a large number of victories and trophies won. Against the background of the fact that a number of athletes cannot yet boast of a good form, demonstrating torn results, our rivals are trying to win as many matches as possible in order to improve their positions in the rankings. Recall that for the victory in the current tournament, tennis players will receive enough points to further rise in the rankings, and the results that Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery show in this tournament indicate that the opponents are not going to slow down, and their main goal is here is the taking of the trophy. That is why the match of these rivals attracted the attention of tennis fans, and our analysts also decided to share their predictions for this match. Since Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery have already played several head-to-head matches this season, which were held in a tense struggle, our analysts are sure that excellent form and an excellent level of preparation should help ensure that this match between the opponents should turn out to be no less spectacular. than previous matches. The coverage of the tournament is also conducive to a long game, since Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery act from the serve, so we do not exclude a tight fight in each set, which, of course, will appeal to tennis fans.

Based on the bookmakers’ odds for the match between Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery, our experts drew attention to it. In general, Eden Silva is not in such good shape now to see this athlete as the clear favorite of the match. It is possible that the bookmakers in their quotes for this confrontation proceeded from the rating of opponents, but they apparently did not take into account that Robin Montgomery has more games played on this type of coverage, and in general, she has an advantage in personal meetings. We carefully analyzed the results of the opponents in this tournament, and also paid attention to how the athletes performed here in previous years. The information received gave us additional confidence that Eden Silva is not such a clear favorite. Based on this, we recommend betting on the positive handicap of the bookmaker’s outsider in this match. Those bettors who prefer risky bets can play an outsider’s victory, by the way, bookmakers offer a fairly high coefficient for this, which will allow you to increase the game bank several times. We would also recommend paying attention to the total number of games in this match. Our analysts think that the match will be long, which automatically implies betting on total over games. Our confidence in this forecast is supported by the fact that all personal meetings of athletes on this type of surface took place in wrestling. Most likely, this confrontation will not be an exception, especially since Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery demonstrate a good level of preparation at this tournament.

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For the match in which Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery will meet, the bookmakers have offered a rather interesting line. Recall that bookmakers draw up a line for tennis matches based on the rating and current form of athletes. Judging by the way the opponents started the season, they are ready to show good results in all the tournaments they take part in. Therefore, our analysts believe that the line set by the bookmakers is correct. However, this did not prevent us from carefully analyzing the possibility of victory for one and the other athlete in this match, and offer our predictions for this confrontation. We know that now in tennis there is a serious struggle for places in the rankings. The situation is such that a number of tennis players have excellent chances to improve their positions in the rankings by taking a higher place. To do this, it is necessary to show consistently high results in all major tournaments. And this tournament is no exception. Now the most important stages are starting, and the further the opponents go through the tournament bracket, the more rating points they will get for participating in the tournament. Therefore, now all athletes will act at the limit of their capabilities, actively playing not only on their serve, but also clinging to every point on the opponent’s serve. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Eden Silva and Robin Montgomery will play a spectacular and active match, in which they will delight the audience with bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.




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