EDITORIAL: Filomena and unpredictability

The snowstorm caused by Filomena leaves historic snowfalls in different parts of Spain, at least three dead, hundreds of roads cut off, and the collapse of cities like Madrid, which have left unpublished stamps and images more typical of Russian Siberia or the cold Alaskan polar.

Despite the previous warnings from meteorologists, who had announced for days that Filomena would make history, there is no doubt that Spain and its public administrations have not had adequate resources to adequately address the situations caused by the storm.

Hence, the previous statements by some political leaders were closer to arrogance than to raising public awareness of the danger that was looming with the storm. “The means have worked. It has not caught us by surprise ”, declared on Friday the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos.

It is absolutely regrettable that in situations of such chaos like the one Spain experienced yesterday, there does not appear a minimum of self-criticism in the Government to assume any type of self-criticism and it is declared that there was no impropriety and no failure.

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