Edmond, Nikon, Aria and Theona were born in Orenburg

The registry office of the Orenburg administration published statistics for the past week. According to the latest data, the birth rate exceeded the death rate, and Orenburg residents again showed creativity in choosing names for their children.

According to the city registry office, 130 babies were born in the regional center in a week. At the same time, some locals again chose unusual names for their newborns. Among them were Carolina, Theon, Augustine, Agniya, Aria, Edmond and Nikon.

“Over the past week, registry office specialists registered 36 paternity certificates, 2 adoption certificates, 12 name changes and 127 death certificates,” local authorities report.

The number of weddings from September 26 to October 2 exceeded the number of divorces. So, 142 couples from Orenburg officially formalized the relationship. while 81 families decided to dissolve the marriage.

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