Eglinton House

In the first and fourth quarters, Azure 3 fleur-de-lys Or (Montgomery) of the first and fourth quarters will be located at the headquarters; the three rings of the 2nd and 3rd Gules or the stone-throwing azure star (Eglinton) are all in one Inside the straw hat, or the anti-flower Gules with double treasure flowers; the headquarters of the second and third grand seasons are located in the first and fourth or third crescent, they are located in the anti-plant Gules (Seton) of the double treasure flowers; The 2nd and 3rd sky blue three pieces of armor or (Buchan) cover each light-colored Gaelic shield, and the sky blue right palm is lightly decorated with swords and bills, or supports one. The crown of the empire, the top of the sinful head is decorated with twelve-point silver stars, all within this range, the double treasure flower resurrects gold.

noble Scottish Peerage
Gift holder Hugh Archibald William Montgomery, 19th Century Earl of Eglinton, 7th Century Earl of Winton
Heir Rhuridh Seton Archibald Montgomerie, Lord Montgomerie
Subsidiary title Lord Montgomery
Front seat Eglinton Castle
Skemoli Castle

The coat of arms of the Earl of Eglinton and the Earl of Winton.

The coat of arms of Archibald Montgomerie, Eglinton.

Montgomery family coat of arms.

In 1876, the match bridge and Eglinton Castle.

Eglinton It is the title of “Scotland Peerage”. In 1859, Archibald Montgomerie also established the Earl of Winton in Peerage, England, which gave him an automatic seat in the House of Lords. After that, the two earls were unified. In addition, other titles held by the countess include: Lord Montgomery (Founded in 1449), Baron Aldrossan (1806) and The Baron Seton and Serenity (1859). The first one is Peerage in Scotland, and the latter two are Peerage in England.

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William Dunbar mentioned Sir Hugh in his book Lament for MacarisCite him as a poet. Sometimes he is temporarily identified as Huchown, but this is not certain.

Eglinton is the hereditary chief of the Montgomery clan.

The home is located at Balhomie House near Cargill in Perthshire. The seat of the ancestors was Eglinton Castle in Kilwining, North Ayrshire.

Montgomery House of Lords (1449)

  • Alexander Montgomerie, First Lord Montgomerie (died 1470)
    • Montgomery master Alexander Montgomery (died before 1470)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, the second Lord Montgomerie (c. 1460–1545) (created Eglinton In 1508).

Earl of Eglinton (1508)

  • Hugh Montgomerie, First Earl of Eglinton (c. 1460–1545)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton II (died 1546)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton III (c. 1531–1585)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, Eglinton (4th Earl) (1563-1586)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, 5th Earl of Eglinton (died 1612)
  • Alexander Montgomerie, Egglton VI (1588–1661)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton VII (1613–1669)
  • Alexander Montgomery, Eglinton VIII (died 1701)
  • Alexander Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton (c. 1660–1729)
  • Alexander Montgomerie, Earl of Eglinton (10th Earl) (1723–1769)
  • Archibald Montgomery, Earl of Eggltonton (1126–1796)
  • Hugh Montgomerie, Earl of Egglton XII (1739–1819)
  • Archibald William Montgomerie (Archibald William Montgomerie), XIII Earl of Egglton, First Earl of Winton (1812–1861)
  • Archibald William Montgomery, 14th Earl of Eglinton, 2nd Earl of Winton (1841-1892)
  • George Arnulph Montgomerie, 15 Earl of Eglinton, 3 Earl of Winton (1848–1919)
  • Archibald Seton Montgomerie, 16th Earl of Eglinton, 4th Earl of Winton (1880–1945)
  • Archibald William Alexander Montgomery, 17th Earl of Eglinton, 5th Earl of Winton (1914–1966)
  • Archibald George Montgomery, 18th Century Earl of Eglinton, 6th Century Earl of Winton (1939–2018)
  • Hugh Archibald William Montgomerie, 19th Earl of Eglinton, 7th Earl of Winton (born 1966)

The heir apparently is Rhuridh Seton Archibald Montgomerie, Lord Montgomerie (born in 2007), the son of the current holder.

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