El Ojo recognized the Best Producer, Director and Advertiser

Awards – The Eye 2021

(11/27/21). On the last night of the Latin creativity party, the Latin American Performance was announced, in which Oriental Films, led by Charly Gutiérrez, Founding Partner and Director, established itself for the first time as the best producer in the region. Alaska, the duo of directors of Oriental Films, was recognized as Best Director of Latin America and Burger King was positioned as the Best Advertiser in Latin America repeating the achievement of 2018. In the note all about the winners.

“It is with great affection and pride that I receive this recognition as the Best Advertiser in Latin America on behalf of everyone from Restaurant Brands International and Burger King. Last year we were here represented by Fernando Machado, I am very proud to continue building on his legacy. El Ojo has always been a festival in which we have put a lot of effort, a lot of attention and a lot of affection, we know that we compete against excellent brands and the best professionals. I’m not sure why we won this award, but if you ask me, I think it was because of the excellent relationship we have developed with our agencies. I can’t stop naming We Believers, DAVID, Tienda Creativa and De la Cruz. Spectacular agencies that have allowed us to go so far. I also think that the second reason is due to this beautiful project that we call the Cows Menu (a new diet for cattle that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 33%), a project where we have worked with purpose, trying to return a bit to the community and the planet, which also did not give us the chance to create a beautiful piece of advertising, which also gave us excellent results ”, stated Alexandro Antonello, Head of Marketing RBI for Burger King Latin American and Caribbean.

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“This is incredible, I thank everyone at Burger King, around the world, all our partners, agencies, etc. What a year, thank you very much! We are very happy with all that ”, said Ariel Grunkraut, CMO of Burger King Brazil.

Here are the winners for Latin America:

Best Producer

1- Oriental Films
2 – Landia
3 – Blur Films
4 – Double side
5 – Revolution

Best Director: Alaska

Best Advertiser

1 – Burger King
2 – AB Inbev
3- Unilever
4- Pepsico
5- civic proposal

Best Advertiser in Ibero-America 2021
The Burger King winners salute for their recognition as The Best Advertiser in Ibero-America 2021.


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