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✍ 4 January, 2023 – 12:25

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Aubrey Plazathe actress who played Harper Spiller in the second season of the acclaimed series HBO The White Lotusshared a funny anecdote from when he was filming in Italy.

During an interview in Late Night With Seth Meyersthe Delaware native referred to a story told by her co-star, Meghann Fahy, in an earlier interview with the driver.

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On that occasion, Fahy recounted that she and Plaza had gotten lost while hiking in Sicily, during the filming of the series Warner Bros Discovery Inc. (NASDAQ:WBD) and HBO, and Plaza started yelling at motorcyclists.

However, this anecdote lacks a key detail: both actresses had consumed magic mushrooms and were extremely high when they went missing.

Mushrooms and excursions: A nightmare for the distribution of The White Lotus

“Meghann left out the most important part, which is that we had eaten magic mushrooms. So, when he was telling the story…it was like, ‘Aubrey was on the road, and all these Italian guys are on motorcycles, and Aubrey was like, ‘Don’t look at me!’” Plaza said. “He was on a trip. He was terrifying”.

Plaza, who also starred in Parks and Recreation, The Little Hours and the movie Emily The Criminalnow streaming on Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), said she panicked as motorcyclists approached her. “We were lost on a highway and there were some Italians going ‘vroom, vroom’, like, coming towards me. I thought they were taking me to the dark side.”

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“Fahy told a story that made you rude to Italian motorists,” Meyers said.

“I was on a super crazy trip, bitch*,” Plaza replied with a laugh.

Meanwhile, the actress and Meyers concluded that Fahy left out the critical mushroom detail because her parents were in the audience.

Square closed the topic supporting the use of mushrooms for mental health: “Magic mushrooms are very good for depression.”

Watch the full interview here:

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