El Salvador qualified two archers to the 2022 World Games

Shooters Roberto Hernández and Sofía Paíz will attend the 2022 fair, in compound archery. For this modality, it is a kind of “Olympic”

They did it. They left with the goal of their ticket, and in Medellín, Colombia, it became a reality. Two Salvadoran archers managed, this Saturday, to qualify for the 2022 World Games, based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

It is about Roberto Hernández and Sofía Paiz, who got to the first three places in the Continental Qualifier, and incidentally will play the finals this Sunday. Both nationals will represent the country in a coveted event, as it is like a kind of “Olympics” for compound archery. In these Games, only the best three from each continent will participate.

Both Hernández and Paiz achieved it individually, and reached the finals for the gold medal. Those matches will be played in search of crowning this event in the best way, since if they lose they will always be medalists and have – at least – a silver medal for sure.

The national Douglas Nolasco (i.) Goes for the gold, in the World Ranking Event. Here, with his coach Hernádnez. Photo: Courtesy Roberto Hernández

Paiz will rival American Savannah Vanderwier; while the Pan American champion will face the American James Lutz. But not only that, Hernández will have a double Sunday run, for a medal. He will be looking for the bronze medal fight in the World Ranking Event, against none other than the same North American opponent, so it will be two gritted teeth duels. For more than one, it will be a kind of revenge, but both will want to keep the medals.

Be careful: Yuri Rodríguez, could be declared “Notable Sportsman of El Salvador”

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“We did it! Qualified for the World Games, which are our Olympics. A very difficult and exhausting day, but thank God it was achieved. Thank you all for your support and Indes, for supporting me to achieve my goals, ”Hernández posted on his networks.

For her part, Sofia declared: “Too much nerves and pressure. But if I have learned something with Roberto, it is that: to work under pressure and to always demand that extra that now, thank God, gave a good result. It is very gratifying to see that every effort made was worth it ”.

It should be clarified that, in the World Games, only the best three from each continent will participate, so what was achieved by both nationals is of a high level.

It cannot be forgotten that, in addition, also in the Ranking Event there will be a dispute for the bream by another Salvadoran. Douglas Nolasco will be the finalist for first place, and he will do so against host Daniel Muñoz. It will also be another tough game, since Muñoz is a high-ranking coffee grower and in mixed doubles he won the gold, after beating Hernández and Paiz, in the final. Together with Sara López, he is part of the winning mixed team of the 2021 Hyundai Archery World Championship, in Yankton, USA.

Pure happiness. This was reflected by Hernández and Paiz after their achievements. Photo: Courtesy Roberto Hernández


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