Eleven Senators To Force A Vote Against Biden In Congress

15 minutes. Eleven US senators announced on Saturday that they would oppose the ratification of the victory of President-elect Joe Biden during the session of Congress scheduled with this objective, which will force a vote on the outcome of the November elections.

The maneuver of the eleven senators, including Texan Ted Cruz, ensures a long debate and a vote on the victory of the elected president.

In a joint statement, the eleven senators explained that they would oppose certification of results until a 10-day audit is carried out.

“Congress should immediately appoint an election commission with full authority to investigate and determine the veracity of events with the aim of carrying out a 10-day emergency audit of election results in the conflicting states,” they said.

Besides Cruz, a possible Republican candidate for the presidency in 2024, the senators who will challenge Biden’s victory are: Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), James Lankford (Oklahoma), Steve Daines (Montana), John Kennedy (Louisiana), Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee) ), Mike Braun (Indiana), Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), Roger Marshall (Kansas), Bill Hagerty (Tennessee) and Tommy Tuberville (Alaska).

His announcement follows one made this week by Josh Hawley, the first Republican senator to announce that he would challenge Biden’s victory in support of outgoing President Donald Trump, who does not acknowledge his defeat and claims without evidence that there is had fraud.

Senators and Representatives to Unveil

On January 6, the two chambers of Congress will meet to seal the election results definitively, and it suffices for one member of the lower house and another of the Senate to oppose the counting of the electoral votes in a state for them to challenge him.

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Some 140 Republicans in the Lower House, like Congressman Mo Brooks, have said they plan to challenge electoral votes in some key states, according to CNN, citing two Republican sources in the House of Representatives.

So Trump already has allies in both chambers to force a vote on his opponent’s victory.

However, to invalidate the result in one or more states, a vote from both houses would have to be passed. Something that in practice is impossible because the Democrats, Biden’s party, control the lower house.

The last resort

The January 6 session in Congress is the last step in the certification process of the electoral result. And that will give free rein to Biden’s coming to power on January 20.

Therefore, today’s maneuver will be the last possibility for Trump to interfere with the election outcome.

Trump has filed dozens of unsuccessful lawsuits challenging the result without evidence in several key states where Biden won. He also pressured state officials to manipulate what Americans voted for.

Biden’s victory became official on December 14, when it was confirmed by the US Electoral College. It was then that Republican leader Mitch McConnell recognized the Democrat as president-elect.

But Trump was adamant in his contempt for the election result, which damaged his relationship with McConnell.

The senator was hoping to avoid the Senate debate over Biden’s triumph that a dozen Republican senators now plan to spark.

While voting in Congress will not change the outcome of the election, it will force all Republican lawmakers to show loyalty to Trump.

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Additionally, thousands of Trump supporters plan to demonstrate in Washington on January 6 in support of the outgoing president.

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