Ellaia: bird of happiness

The artist who swims against the current❤

Sea of ​​tenderness. Strength of will. And the magical aura of Femininity with a capital letter.

Ella is an amazing woman. Originally from Chuvashia, like me – from the village of Alikovo. He speaks excellent Chuvash with my old mother. Open, unpredictable, fabulously beautiful. Unusual. Like Monica Vitti is Antonioni’s muse. The same slightly slanted blue eyes. A strong look, cutting like steel.

The history of her work is not simple: before Ellaya was engaged in business. Successfully.

Until I realized at some point that money does not bring happiness.

Not at all. 💕

When she felt it in full, she closed her business. I bought paints and canvases. She rented a studio in the attic (in the business center) and closed there for many months.

And draw, draw, draw.

Her canvases are amazing. Venetian strokes of gold leaf across the night sky. Glowing silver. Blood and love.

And a lot, a lot, a lot of life in every carina.

Not local.


The life that exists on other planets and in our dreams.

Where does she get her ideas from?

Don’t know.

I think it’s in love.

Ellaya loves people, women, men, loves this life, and cherishes every second.

In the summer, she is flying weeds in the gardens of her Chuvash paternal home. She does not shy away from any work: she herself hammers nails in the dismantling of her exhibitions. She loads and unloads her own paintings. Hangs on the walls. Tightens frames.

Priming canvases.

She is a hard worker. Real.

I loved her very much. For loyalty to this word. For generosity.

For a good heart. For her beauty.

She is very beautiful. A strong woman who can do everything herself.


BUT we really need a Fairy Tale!!!

I wish her fairy tales.

And I thank the Art Maison Gallery for the excellent exhibitions and Nikolai Kozlov for his loyalty to the art business and excellent taste.

Now his gallery on Baumanskaya street hosts exhibitions of some of the sharpest and most contemporary authors of contemporary art.

And Ellaia is their new star.


Sweetie, Ellaia!!!


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