Emergency services are surpassed in Florida due to covid-19 crisis


The cases of covid-19 occupy so many beds in the hospitals from Florida that the services from ambulances Y firefighters have difficulties to answer all emergencies.

In Saint Petersburg, Some patients wait for hours in the ambulances until the hospitals can receive them, a process that generally takes 15 minutes, Pinellas County Administrator Barry Burton said.

When an ambulance is waiting in front of an emergency room, it is out of network.

He is not available to take another call, forcing firefighters at the scene of an accident to provide that transportation, “Burton said.

This has caused a great delay in the whole system ”, he added.

He stressed that the most serious cases, such as heart attacks and strokes, receive immediate attention in emergency rooms.

And the county with the help of the fire department is looking for more ambulances and personnel.

The tension extends to all of Florida, where COVID-19 hospitalizations surpassed that of the previous wave in July and set a new record of 13,600 on Monday, according to the federal Department of Health.



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