Energy Vault builds green energy storage in California

06 January 2023 12:53

Lugano/San Francisco – Energy Vault is teaming up with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California. The Ticino-based company is building an energy storage system that will supply the city of Calistoga with electricity during power outages. It is based on batteries and hydrogen.

The Ticino company Energy Vault tensions with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company from San Francisco together. According to Message As part of the partnership, Energy Vault is building an energy storage system in California that will power approximately 2,000 customers in the city of Calistoga during planned power outages. Power cuts are planned when power lines in the area have to be shut down due to high risk of wildfires.

Specifically, Energy Vaut will build a long-term energy storage system based on batteries and green hydrogen. It is intended to replace mobile diesel generators that have been used to date in the event of power failures. Initially, the system will have a capacity of at least 293 megawatt hours, which can cover the energy needs of the 2,000 electricity customers for 48 hours. The capacity is later to be expanded to up to 700 megawatt hours.

According to the information, the system is the first storage of its kind and the largest project with green hydrogen by a utility in the USA. The partners assume that construction work can begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Commercial operation is scheduled to start in mid-2024. The energy storage system will be owned, operated and maintained by Energy Vault. ssp

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