England: 2,000 suspects arrested thanks to his visual memory

A British policeman in Birmingham helped arrest more than 2,000 wanted suspects, using his overdeveloped visual memory alone.

The 43-year-old Andy Pope who works for the West Midlands Police is able to remember everyone he has passed in his life, memorize photographs and recognize suspects, even those wearing face masks.

During his career, which began in 2012, the nicknamed “Memory Cop” made it possible, thanks to his facial recognition capabilities, to pin 2100 suspects. The police officer is now targeting the goal of 2,500 arrests in 2022.

Some 1,000 offenders have been identified, including thieves, sexual assailants and people accused of attempted murder, in 2018.

In 2019, his exceptional visual skills led to the arrest of 406 people, including 16 in a single day, UK media reported.

Of the hundred suspects identified and arrested in 2020, several wore a mask due to the pandemic.

Member of an association bringing together people with the same visual aptitudes as him, the man with elephant memory and lynx eyes attributes this extraordinary ability to “instinct”.

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