English airports are struggling with high crowds due to staff shortages ()

BIRMINGHAM (dpa-AFX) – At the airports in the English cities of Birmingham and Manchester, passengers sometimes had to wait for hours in front of security checks on Monday. Those waiting described the situation on Twitter, among other things, as “absolute chaos”.

The airport in Birmingham explained the situation with staff shortages and a high rush after the remaining Corona travel restrictions were lifted. More than 40 percent of the workforce would have had to be laid off during the pandemic. Last November, a hiring offensive was started again. According to the PA news agency, a number of these new workers are still awaiting necessary security clearances.

There have also been very long queues at London airports such as Heathrow or Stansted in recent weeks. Airlines such as British Airways oder Easyjet also repeatedly canceled flights due to staff shortages, also due to corona infections. From the low-cost airline Easyjet, it was now said that they wanted to partially reduce the available seats on planes in order to be able to fly with only three instead of four flight attendants.

According to PA, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps wants to introduce a new regulation that would allow young professionals in aviation to start their training without having to wait for all safety clearances./swe/DP/ngu

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