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The catalog unveiled by Paramount+ is particularly complete, with productions that date back more than a century. One thing is certain, the streaming platform doesn’t do things by halves and you won’t get bored. Among Paramount+ content, there are huge franchises and cult films, such as Indiana Jones or Mission Impossible, or even Pulp Fiction and The Godfather. It’s now or never to rediscover your classics. Paramount+ also puts French cinema in the spotlight, with great films like Les Garçons et Guillaume à Table or Les Trois Frères. There are also series for all tastes, with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds or The Offer. The streaming platform offers exclusive content. Even the children are spoiled, with programs intended for them: Paw Patrol or SpongeBob SquarePants.

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How do I get Paramount+ for free?

Via Amazon, you can access Paramount+ for free for a period of 7 days (The subscription then increases to 7.99 euros per month). You therefore have a full week to discover the many advantages offered by the platform. Take the opportunity to watch the best productions from the streaming catalog, such as Super Pumped, Halo or First Lady, which highlights the wives of American presidents. To take advantage of this 7-day free trial period, you must be an Amazon Prime member. This is not the case ? The Amazon Prime loyalty program costs 6.99 euros per month or 69.90 euros per year, after a trial period of one month (or 90 days if you are a student, with a subscription at 34.95 euros per year ). By joining Amazon Prime, you also have access to Prime Video, with a large catalog of films and series, such as The Boys, The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel or The Underground Railrod.

Quickly click on “Start your free trial” to discover the unlimited streaming offered by Paramount. There is no contract and you can cancel your subscription online at any time.

Click here to take advantage of the Paramount+ offer on Amazon Prime Video

Films and series not to be missed on Paramount+

Still hesitating about joining Paramount+? Here is a selection of the best films and series to discover on the platform. The mini-series The Offer takes you behind the scenes of the production of the famous film The Godfather, by Francis Lord Coppola. It takes place over 10 episodes, during which you will follow the entire genesis of this feature film. This is an opportunity to discover how producer Al Ruddy had to deal with the Italian-American mafia! Do you like romantic comedies? Then you will love Honor Society. An ambitious high school student, Honor is banking on getting into Harvard. This is the purpose of his life! This is why she expects her guidance counselor to provide her with the best file. To have a better chance of being admitted to the prestigious university, she gradually eliminates her competitors. Laughter guaranteed! As for season 1 of the Tulsa King series, it features a New York mafia godfather, played by Sylvester Stallone. Also discover season 1 of American Gigolo, which tells the story of Julian Kaye, released from prison after being locked up for fifteen years for a crime he did not commit. Finally, in Jerry and Marge go large, inspired by a story, an American couple win the lottery and use their lot to revive their Michigan village.

Click here to take advantage of the Paramount+ offer on Amazon Prime Video

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