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And the festivities begin, in Becerril, with flamenco, while here I read “the art of the south”. Yesterday, at the Santo de Mauro in Madrid, I went to another event with wonderful presences, to celebrate the saint and the birthday of Carmen Lomana, splendid; there Paloma Segrelles, Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, Tamara Falcó, Luis Gasset, Espinosa de los Monteros, Rocío Monasterio and other characters of various colors… Beautiful dresses, jewelry and dances, because if the great meeting with mariachis began, it continued the night with Davinia Jaén, guitar and percussion, a company that lifted everyone up at the end, dancers… Next to me, beautiful businesswomen from Bilbao or San Sebastián, fashion designers, danced with frenzy wrapped in that energy that dragged us along, because we all felt that as ours. Although it is not from Castile or Basque, it is a Spanish heritage that impregnates us with joy and we can savor it, together, at each celebration. The tapas, the wine, the ease, the party are the general heritage of Spain, just as the Camino de Santiago is also the heritage of those from the south, who travel it in ecstasy.
I also read in these pages how Ángel Luis Barreda declares the French Way a permanent asset, since he is one of the enthusiasts who, for the love of art, like the hurricane of vitality that often breaks out in flamenco, promotes and ignites projects, creates libraries and promotes what is good about us. With enthusiasm, life becomes wonderful because, as the word in its Greek origin says, it is to be with God within, to be filled with that divine splendor when looking or acting… It is the characteristic of childhood and Jesus of Nazareth already said that we should to be like children again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven… Sometimes it’s the cross, others the resurrection and, in between, times of fasting, times of celebration, as in the Wedding at Cana. The adventure of life offers us highs and lows that we must know how to handle, as tests in the great contest of existence, and it is convenient to overcome them with wisdom and love. Enthusiasm, when it is sought and arrives, is the heritage of all that should be spread to as many as can take even a few crumbs.

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