Erin Rootliffe – Robin Montgomery Prediction (26th January 2021), Odds & Betting

On January 26 at 18:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the ITF championship, in which Erin Rootliffe will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will oppose in this fight.

Just a few days ago, Erin Rootliffe and Robin Montgomery played their matches, and now on January 26 they will face a face-to-face confrontation within the same tournament. Moscow time, tennis masters will enter the court at 18:00. Opponents did not often play with each other, although they have been performing at the highest level for several years. Previously, there were only two meetings in which Erin Rootliffe has two wins, and both wins were after only five sets.

Erin Rootliffe – Robin Montgomery. WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

Next week, the next stage of the Grand Slam tournament will take place, in which Erin Rootliffe and Robin Montgomery meet on January 26. The start of the fight is scheduled for 18:00 Moscow time. Erin Rutliffe is the obvious leader in this confrontation, as there were previously eight face-to-face meetings, and they managed to win seven times, and in five cases the victories were early.

Erin Rutliffe

This season Erin Rootliffe is in much better shape than last year, although that year he managed to reach the final in this tournament. Now is an earlier stage, so so far no one doubts that Erin Rootlif will be able to go further. Moreover, in the previous two tournaments we managed to go far, and the elimination was caused by defeats from the main contenders for victory. Yes, Erin Rootlif does not have enough experience yet, since she has been playing tennis for only three years. But, on the other hand, Erin Rutliffe has a tremendous amount of energy, which allows even five grueling sets to run back across the court at a high pace. As for this tournament, it is clear that Erin Rutlif does not play at full strength and saves energy, since there were opponents who did not have to lay out all their trump cards to defeat them. Erin Rootlif loves hard with his fast play, so he can please his fans again.

Robin Montgomery

On the adult tour, Robin Montgomery will only have a second full season, so no one expects great things yet. Yes, among juniors it even turned out to be in third place in the ranking, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so you still need to gain experience for a good performance. Last season, they managed to break into the main draw of all Grand Slam tournaments, which is already a good achievement for debutants. This season, Robin Montgomery is also only going through the qualifying stages, but it is impossible to go further, since there is already a completely different level of players. Robin Montgomery prefers power tennis, but he is suitable only in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass the representatives of the first hundred of the world ranking on one strength. Moreover, Robin Montgomery still has problems with reception, does not always close the back line, and also plays mainly only on clay courts.

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Erin Rootliffe – Robin Montgomery. HOW DO YOU PLAY BETWEEN YOURSELF?

Our experts have been choosing a match for prediction for a long time, until they opted for a confrontation between Erin Rootliffe and Robin Montgomery. These tennis players are having a good season. Despite the fact that so far they have not managed to win a single title, this season they still have to take part in many tournaments, so each of the rivals will have a chance to reach the finals and compete for the trophy there. The level of rivals is quite high, otherwise they would not have occupied such high places in the world ranking. It’s just that now tennis is the season of surfaces on which these rivals are not very comfortable to demonstrate their tennis. It remains a little to wait for the change of tournaments, and then Erin Rutliffe and Robin Montgomery will demonstrate their best tennis, which allows them to impose a fight even on those rivals who are at the top of the world tennis rankings. It’s worth focusing on this match for now. Our experts believe that the athletes will try to hit the surface as they have yet to take part in a number of tournaments with such a surface. The level allows them to keep the ball in play and try to take the opponent’s serve. It is unlikely that anyone will force the events, we think that the athletes will exchange sets, and the winner of the match will be determined by the final set. Therefore, we recommend that you watch this match, because not the latest tennis players in the ranking will face each other on the court, and our predictions will make this match even more interesting and even profitable.

Despite his impressive age, Erin Rootlif has shown excellent form this year, having already managed to win two minor tournaments. They were used primarily to gain optimal form, since Erin Rutlif is much more eager to win this tournament, which is one of the most prestigious. Erin Rootliffe has vast experience in tennis, and this is not surprising for the second racket of the world, but even with such a tight schedule of matches, it turns out to constantly win without giving opponents a single set. A difficult match was expected at the last stage, but after an hour of tense struggle, the opponent refused to play, complaining of health problems. This allowed to save energy, so that in this match Erin Rutlif will again be able to demonstrate his maximum capabilities. Erin Rootliffe can play consistently on any court surface, with trophies being won on all different types.

Despite his young age, Robin Montgomery demonstrates quite an adult game, so if last season there was another 212nd place in the world tennis rankings, now Robin Montgomery is already in the top hundred. This allowed avoiding qualifying matches at this tournament and getting more time to prepare. There is no doubt that from the very beginning of the game, Robin Montgomery will demonstrate all his attacking power, since he knows how to hit hard with both sides of the racket. In fights where Robin Montgomery takes part, it is very difficult for opponents to correctly return the ball to the court, so 90% of the balls are won on the first serve. On hard surfaces, Robin Montgomery knows how to play, because he has a high speed and good reaction, which allows him to close the entire court, even at a very high pace of play. Due to the fact that Robin Montgomery has more time to rest, there is no doubt that it will turn out to withstand even a very long match.

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Today the match Erin Rutliffe – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

A lot of media attention is paid to the tennis match in which Erin Rootliffe and Robin Montgomery will meet. And this attention is well deserved. Tennis players have a great season, where they prove that they are not in vain among the best representatives of this sport. Participation in semi-finals, finals and winning trophies of prestigious tennis tournaments – all this is in the careers of athletes, including this season. Now the rivals are considered by bookmakers as the main contenders for the trophy of the current tournament. However, only the winner can compete for it. The history of personal relationships between opponents on the court is quite rich. Erin Rootliffe and Robin Montgomery have met on various types of surfaces, including the one where the tournament is held. Considering that Erin Rutliffe and Robin Montgomery rather easily overcame the resistance of their counterparts in the previous rounds, our analysts concluded that the athletes were saving their strength for the final matches, as they were well aware of the fact that difficult matches with rather uncompromising opponents who know how to keep their serve and can impose a fight on the opponent’s serve. Face-to-face meetings Erin Rutliffe and Robin Montgomery emphasize that the opponents prefer active attacking tennis, although they can change the usual tactics by playing on the opponent’s mistakes. The match promises to be an interesting spectacle for the spectators, and our forecasts should make it also profitable for those who place bets on tennis at bookmakers.

Judging by the number of finals and titles that Erin Rootleaf has to his credit during his career, the question of the favorite in the tennis match, in which Erin Rootleaf and Robin Montgomery will meet, disappears by itself. Our analysts and bookmaker analysts do not see an opportunity that will allow the outsider to win this match. Robin Montgomery, in principle, is not an outsider, judging by the rating, but Erin Rutliffe is superior in all respects to his opponent. The only thing that has any doubts is whether the favorite of the match will be able to break the odds declared by the bookmakers. In principle, judging by personal meetings, here the handicap is set correctly. In the lion’s share of matches between tennis players, the handicap either fought its way through the favorite, or did not break through. So, our analysts decided not to guess, but simply to skip the bet on the handicap in this match, since it would be wrong to predict bets either for or against the handicap. But the total total games offered by the bookmakers aroused our interest. Based on the current form of the athletes, we concluded that it is unlikely that Robin Montgomery will be able to win the set against the opponent, so we expect an easy victory for the favorite here. This means that the bookmakers overestimated the total total of games by 1-2 games. We decided to take advantage of this and recommend bettors to bet on the total less, especially since Erin Rutlif is much more comfortable on this type of coverage than his opponent.

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TODAY’S MATCH Erin Rootleaf – Robin Montgomery. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

Today tennis is especially popular among sports betting fans. Due to the fact that modern bookmakers have significantly expanded the line of bets on this sport, bettors have the opportunity to have a large selection of events for tennis matches. Now you can place bets not only on match outcomes, handicaps and totals, but also on sets, games and statistics. Of course, in order to win on tennis statistics bets, you need to have some knowledge, however, thanks to our analysts, who choose the most interesting tennis matches and make predictions for them, everything becomes much easier. Today, among a large number of tennis matches, our experts have chosen a match in which Erin Rutliffe and Robin Montgomery will be opponents. These athletes play confidently in this tournament, they passed their rivals without spending additional efforts. Most likely, the tennis players planned their schedule in such a way as to reach the peak of their form while maintaining a large amount of physical and psychological strength just in time for the important stages of the tournament. Our analysts believe that the upcoming match will be a serious test for both Erin Rutliffe and Robin Montgomery, since the actions of the athletes on the court will allow us to assess their real preparation, and will also allow us to answer the question of whether athletes can be considered as one of the contenders for the title in this tournament. Therefore, we recommend watching this match, and in order to stir up interest in watching the confrontation, we recommend using our predictions, which are given below.


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