Es Morelos nest of 370 types of birds

Cuernavaca, Morelos.- The state of Morelos has 60 families and 370 species of birds, of the 541 thousand that exist throughout Mexico; the state of Morelos has a large bird fauna by having at least 230 resident species each year.

Every January 10, International Bird Day is commemorated, a date that aims to promote the culture of its environment and promote the conservation of these specimens throughout the world.

According to data from the National Biodiversity Commission (CONABIO), 19 orders of birds have been registered in the state of Morelos, comprised of 60 families and 370 species, of which the majority have collections of specimens and records.

The birds that exist worldwide add up to around 10 thousand species, of which approximately one thousand 54 species have been registered for Mexico, that is, almost 12% of the total.

Of the 370 species that make up the avifauna of the State, 230 species are residents of Morelos. Of these, 140 have records on their reproduction in the State, and of the remaining 90 this type of information is unknown.

Data from the State Biodiversity Commission (COESBIO) indicate that 313 species breed in the Nearctic region and winter in Mexico; On this topic, it is known that 110 species winter in Morelos, which represent 30% of the total bird species in the state.

In this context, 35 are accidental, 25 are vagrants, 10 are migratory passages and 8 are summer residents; that is, 188 species are migratory in Morelos, which represents 50% of the state’s avifauna.

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Likewise, 63 migratory species have mainly aquatic habits. The winter migratory species that come to the State come from Alaska, Canada, the United States and northern Mexico.

In the state of Morelos, 112 endemic species have been registered in total, this means that 30% of the birdlife of Morelos presents some form of endemism. Of this total, 59 species are endemic to Mesoamerica (16% of the state total), 30 are endemic to Mexico (8.0% of the total) and 13 are restricted endemic (3% of the total).

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