Escape to Mexico with a warm top! [FOTO]

The allure of stardom has captivated the talented young jewelry designer for some time now.

Brad Pitt Shawnee is a Native American actor and filmmaker who has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most attractive and talented stars in a career that is moving very fast. A star who has always shown an extreme commitment to acting and at the same time has made many actresses fall in love. Remembered mainly for his appearance. Thelma and Luisa (1991), Interview with the Vampire (1994), 12 monkey force (1995), You know joe black (1998), Inglorious Bastards (2009), 12 years a slave (2013) and others.

Brad Pitt has been dating the attractive jewelry designer born in 1992 for quite some time.

Brad Pitt, in particular, has been in a relationship in the past. juliet lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie. In short, plenty of big screen stars, yet they never seemed to go too far with it, it seems. Recently, after his tumultuous divorce with Jolie, the star seems to be reborn and he has been experimenting with various dates recently. Despite her 59 years, the artist easily harvests hearts and recently began a relationship. Ines de RamonA talented young jewelry designer since 1992. After the two have been spotted several times in recent weeks (probably spending New Year’s Eve together), here are some new photos of them together in Mexico.

Brad Pitt - Cinematographer

Thanks to the Instagram profile of beauty is ines drmn Brad Pitt and his glamorous partner can be seen in the pool. The star wears dark glasses and is bare-chested and likes to look like a photo album. On the other hand, he has no problem showing himself without a top, even if he reveals his breasts neatly and only reveals his back. While it’s unclear if the couple were immortalized at Pitt’s mansion, the two appear very close, hoping it will be a long-lasting relationship for the Hollywood star.

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