“Essential playing”, Sergio Munafò quartet at the Miles Davis Jazz Club

The Palermo guitarist and composer Sergio Munafò is one of the most active musicians of the Sicilian jazz scene; continuation of the language of the American “Old school” and guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel etc, Munafò presents a quartet that brings together musicians with a strong aptitude for interplay and with a propensity to explore and revisit jazz standards . But that is, it is important to underline that a part of the concert will be dedicated to the original compositions of the same that are present in the last two discs released for the Comar 23 record label and to unreleased tracks. The intent is to propose a personal language in the continuous alternation between the old and the new. As often happens, the young and talented tenor saxophonist Francesco Patti will give a substantial and precious contribution to the concert, while the rhythm will be entrusted to the skilled and experienced hands of Fulvio Buccafusco on double bass and Paolo Vicari on drums. Sergio Munafò guitar, Francesco Patti tenor sax, Fulvio Buccafusco double bass, Paolo Vicari drum.

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