Evelina Ishmetova, Key capital: “Demand for entertainment grew by 74%, but there is little supply in the shopping center” – Retail and Retail News

November 15, 2022, 15:57


Consumer demands for entertainment are growing, and adequate offers in shopping centers are not enough, says Key capital development director Evelina Ishmetova, who expressed her opinion at the Retail and Development Brunch meeting.


The consumer of crisis time is anxious, sad, irritated, tired and forced to save. He buys impulsively, chaotically, reacts to discounts, gambling, as he lacks positive emotions. In this regard, there is a whole line of challenges that are the same for all product groups: the number of returns has increased, service requirements are growing, consumers are in long negotiations about the price and quality of a product, and all this does not guarantee its purchase. There is a strong emotional connection with brands – both positive and negative reviews are actively published. At the same time, trust and love for your favorite regional shopping centers are growing.

“All this suggests that people want care and entertainment to relieve stress,” explained Evelina Ishmetova. – All the entertainment that was left after the pandemic is now growing. But the problem is that there are few offers. According to the analysis conducted by Russian Standard Bank, the demand for entertainment from January to July of this year increased by 74% compared to the period a year earlier. AT group-5 includes sports, outdoor recreation, cinema, amusement parks and festivals, including shopping malls, theaters and concerts. But in shopping centers there is not enough variety of concepts, a poor assortment of entertainment is offered, although there is a request. For some reason Operators do not go into this topic now.

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The material was created in the wake of the Retail and Development Brunch event

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