Even children can: how to fall asleep quickly without medication

Sleep mode must not be disturbed

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A person can sleep very soundly, or can not sleep for a long time. We all have stressful situations. Sleep is the key to health. If it is broken, then there are serious risks of heart disease. That is why, take advantage of every opportunity to sleep. Go to bed earlier and get up later. So, you will understand what it means to experience happiness from awakening and enjoy a new day. But keeping a daily routine is not always possible. For different reasons. And in order to explain to the body that it’s time to go to the side, sometimes you have to resort to sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills are an emergency. And you can help the body with simple, tasty and healthy products. Parents should take note of the advice, because putting a child to bed is not always an easy process.

Cherry juice

Cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is very useful for the SSS. It contains antioxidants, so treat yourself to cherry juice more often. It is desirable that it be sugar-free. And so that the dream is strong and sweet, drink a glass at night. Cherry co – a source of the desired hormone – melatonin. And if you drink cherry nectar more often, then you will forget about insomnia.


Well, here you can immediately recall the beloved heroine of children’s fairy tales, Mary Poppins, who put the kids to bed with warm milk. Yes, adults will also like this recipe, especially with a spoonful of “liquid gold”, as the good old honey is called. This remedy is for people of all ages.

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Chamomile tea

In the cold season, this tea is simply indispensable as a preventive measure against viruses and as a remedy (on the recommendation of doctors). It contains flavonoids – they are what make the drink so useful. Also, antioxidants like apigenin. Apigenin is able to create a connection with brain receptors and make a person sleep better.

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