“Even though I don’t believe in hell, I hope it exists…”: Gabriel Byrne’s ordeal as a child

UNITED STATES.- The Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, 70, revealed in his new memoir, ‘Walking with Ghosts‘, the terrible experience he had at the age of 11 when he was sexually abused by a priest, and the moment when he later contacted his abuser to confront him and he feigned insanity, although’ he thanked him for contacting him ‘.

“I wanted in those last seconds to tell him that even though I don’t believe in hell, I hope it exists because I want him to be terrified and burn forever. But I didn’t say anything. A part of me did not want to hurt an old man with a kind voice trapped in a retirement home who now does not remember me or anything he had done, “Byrne recounted in his book about the phone call he made in 2002 to the former representative of the Catholic Church.

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Byrne refers that at a young age he felt the call of the priesthood, so he decided to enter a seminary in Birmingham, England, where one night he was sexually assaulted by a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, although he denounced the fact he was expelled from the place for exposing the highest authority. This aberrant event affected his life and he was adrift for a time.

However, after working as a plumber, and walking in bad steps, he returned to the theater that he was fond of in his childhood, managing to forge a career as an actor. Byrne has to his credit more than 70 films such as’ The Devil’s Legacy ‘,’ The Man in the Iron Mask ‘and’ The End of Days’, and a Golden Globe for ‘In Treatment‘, of HBO.

The actor, who was married to the actress Ellen Barkin –From 1988 to 1999–, and since 2014 he is the husband of the television producer Hannah Beth KingHe said, in an interview with the New York Times, that the abusing priest died years ago. “We love to think that there is a solution to these things, that this is how to deal with trauma. I confronted it; I took care of that; go forward. But that is not necessarily true. I realized that there doesn’t have to be a resolution, ”he said.

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