“Everything is not easy”: Alexander Baluev declassified the main love in his life

Alexander Baluev

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Alexandra Balueva everyone is used to seeing in the images of the military. But the actor himself is sure that the main theme for him both in the cinema and in life is love.

“I think that in general, no matter who you play, what age, it is interesting to play only two themes: love and its absence. Everything else is a shade of gray. And this is what I have been playing all my life – love or its absence, “Baluev admitted in an interview with 7 Days.

The actor said that now is a happy period in his life. “Yes I love. But, if we talk about the love of a man and a woman, there are many nuances, everything is not easy. It is also necessary to ask the other half whether she loves … And there is unconditional and absolute love. This is the love of children and parents. I love my daughter infinitely. Marusya is my main love in life … “

The only thing that really upsets the artist now is the inability to communicate with his daughter. “For many years she has been living with her mother in Warsaw, she studies there at the gymnasium. She is now 17 years old, and she will graduate from high school at 19 … It is simply monstrous not to be able to see and communicate. And before the pandemic, I could see her at any time: I got on a plane and a couple of hours later I was in Warsaw. I hope that when the coronavirus story ends, we will see each other more often. I should have got used to the fact that we are not together, but I still miss her very much. “

Baluev admitted that with age, the idea of ​​love between a man and a woman was transformed in him.

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“Any person is subject to passion … But the older I get, the faster my head connects. Probably love is both chemistry and physiology. Love does not depend on you, it covers you at any age. It is not you who are looking for her, but she comes to you. And it is not clear whether you will get along with her or not, whether you will appreciate it or not … But everyone is doomed to love! By the way, in modern cinema I sorely lack love. Recently I have been seeing everything, but not love, not life, but some kind of shape-shifter. Gone are simplicity, human relationships, without which, in my opinion, the viewer is very bored.

Read the full interview with Alexander Baluev in the latest issue of the 7 Days magazine.

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