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Gabe Brown is the middle son of the Brown family in Alaskan Bush People. He wanted to focus on his wife and daughter instead of doing it wrong.

Gabe Brown is the middle child of the Brown family in Alaska Bush Village. He wanted to focus on his wife Raquell and daughter Sophia, rather than assaulting in the desert, so he left the mountains. Gabe is 29 years old in 2020, the fourth child in the family. Their wedding was a private ceremony, in January 2019.

There have been twelve seasons of the show, and viewers are waiting on the Discovery Channel to announce a release date for season 13. When not filming near Hoonah, Alaska, the Browns have a similar lifestyle in Washington state, although they will travel south to Beverly Hills to receive cancer treatments for the matriarch Ami. Ami has lung cancer but is currently in remission. The family has put their Alaskan home on the market, through Alaskan Reality.

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The Discovery Channel website went into detail about Gabe’s life and personality. When he was 3 years old, his family took him out on a fishing boat in the ocean. As a result, Gabe developed a love for the sea and a “bond” according to his biography. Stay cheerful while working hard and maintaining a positive attitude. This apparently helps when you are doing tasks that require muscular strength, including the necessary wood. Gabe also loves to draw and specialize in realism. One day he wants to get into portraiture as a possible career. Gabe is also fluent in sign language after studying for a few years. Raquell also said that he has a good sense of humor and that he always manages to make her laugh.

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Alaska Bush Village Gabriel Brown

That being said, Raquell has been pretty quiet on social media, apparently to get some privacy. Meanwhile, Gabe occasionally posts a photo of his wife on Instagram and talks about how wonderful she is. Other than that, he wants to keep time with Raquell on the descent, especially when they don’t have a camera focused on them. Your daughter is a newborn and potential bush baby, too young to acclimate to the spotlight. People only know that his name is Sophie and that Gabe is proud to be his father.

Gabe is one of the few members of the family who has no criminal behavior charges or a record. Even his parents have been in trouble with the law, while his brother Matt left the show after two women accused him of sexual assault. Matt has embraced sobriety and is breaking his silence on social media, while looking like he’s working to clean up his image. As far as viewers know, Gabe has not committed any social fraud or tax evasion. It seems to be pragmatic enough not to allow any potential flaws to end up on a permanent record. Gabe is also good with children; Social media posts with Bear’s young son show that the boy adores him.

In fact, Gabe seems to be the most understanding of the family about why privacy is important. Not having that special moment with your partner can be detrimental to the relationship. It probably didn’t help that after marrying Raquell, Ami wasn’t enthusiastic about hosting the newlyweds in Washington state. Ami encouraged them to move and seek independence. In 2019, the couple did, with the money Gabe had earned from being on the show. However, unlike some of his brothers, Gabe did not want to leave the state entirely. He wanted to make sure his wife and daughter were close to their in-laws. That shows the willingness to commit and grow.

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