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From this Friday, Illinois residents will have to cover their face in most public places, but there are some things you should know before this measure takes effect.

The mandate is part of a modified state order that takes effect on May 1 and continues through May 30.

More than a dozen Chicago suburbs have already implemented similar requirements to wear a mask, but this Friday it becomes a state order.

This is what you should know:

Who meets the requirements to wear a mask?

The rule is that people should cover their faces when social distancing is not possible.

When should you wear a mask?

Under the new stay-at-home order, people must wear a mask or surgical mask in a public place where they cannot maintain a social distance of at least six feet. It applies to those over two years of age who “can medically tolerate a face mask or mask.”

How should you put on the mask?

Surgical masks or face masks are one way to protect yourself and others from contagion, but they are only effective if worn properly. So you need to make sure it covers your mouth and nose. Masks or masks that cover the chin are helpful, but not necessarily essential.

The idea is to form a shield that protects the face, but it must be adjusted well to avoid touching it frequently, because this can cause contamination.

How are the authorities going to enforce this measure?

Police will remind residents of the warrant and businesses must require customers to wear masks to enter.

¿Why was this order implemented?

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State authorities indicated that the use of face masks will help contain the contagion of Covid-19. However, they are not a substitute for maintaining social distance.

Do cotton masks work?

According to the guidelines of the federal health authorities, cotton masks must include several layers of material and fit the face. In addition, they must be able to be washed without falling apart.


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