Ex-Liverpool star filed for bankruptcy after a hemp farm was found in his house

Pennant has piled up more than a million pounds of debt, reports Daily Mail. He found it difficult to fulfill financial obligations to creditors. In particular, he owed a round sum to banks, utility companies and the UK tax administration.

The ex-footballer began to fall into the financial abyss after a divorce from his wife Alice Goodwin. First, he was forced to close his media company. Then a fire broke out twice in his sumptuous £3 million home in Cheshire. Finally, in 2022, law enforcement officers discovered a cannabis farm on the territory of an abandoned estate.

In 2018, Jermaine was the subject of a sex scandal. It turned out that his former fiance Goodwin held intimate online meetings on an adult site. The player himself was identified in one of the videos.

Pennant has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Birmingham and the England youth team. At one time he was a teammate of Andrei Voronin when he played for the Merseysiders.

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