EXCLUSIVE. Alaska tells us how bad Mario Vaquerizo is in the pandemic

Alaska has opened the channel in the interview that he has granted exclusively to our magazine. The singer has once again shown her naturalness and has had no problem talking about the good but also the bad. One of the topics that the artist has addressed during the conversation she has had with ‘Readings’ is how the pandemic is living. Like most, Alaska has changed in recent months. You have seen how your work and other issues in your routine have completely changed.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo surprise and excite Bibiana Fernández

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo surprise and excite Bibiana Fernández


Alaska has counted that “we have all stopped doing things”. Among the things that have changed in his life are that “I go out less, as less out although I try to support it.” Despite the changes, the singer is not bad at all. “Social distance does not hurt me, the mask does not hurt me, the slightest social life does not hurt me”, He has said assuring that these are not things that have altered him too much in recent months. On the contrary, he has recognized that Mario Vaquerizo happens completely the other way around. The one who until a few days ago was a contestant on ‘Your face sounds to me’ has worse than his wife everything related to the pandemic.

Alaska and Mario VaquerizoAlaska and Mario Vaquerizo

To explain how Mario Vaquerizo feels, Alaska has said that all this “Mario hurts his soul.” The singer has reported that at home, “When Mario breaks down, I tell him that everything is fine and that I am delighted with the mask. It is true that I have adapted to things a little better ”. Although the artist has adapted to the circumstances, she does not forget the gravity of what is being experienced and has also affirmed that “We are all hiding it and pretending that we are fine and nothing happens, but we are all wrecked”.

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