experts named the key theses of the message of the Belgorod governor

A person should always be in the focus of attention of the authorities and the starting point of every, even the smallest, step – the head of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov began his report on the work done over the year with such a thesis: “In each of our decisions, we must understand what we are doing and on what basis. we want to get the result, then the residents of the Belgorod region will not only evaluate the expected result, but will also become full-fledged participants in our work. A person, a resident of the Belgorod region, is the center of our joint efforts, and we have managed to achieve a lot thanks to this approach.”

Gladkov, on the one hand, very accurately understands the request from the residents, and on the other hand, his actions fit into the trend that the president sets, the general director of the Center for Strategic Design, a sociologist, believes Victor Poturemsky. “As a sociologist, I can say that the main request towards power and the political system that we have been observing in recent years, I would define with the phrase “power as a service”. It is heard from the people, but spoken by the President. It is a political goal-setting for the federal and regional authorities. The main criterion is the quality of life of people for whom, in fact, this service is taking place. And Gladkov brings this goal-setting, this political task to the end. He is extremely attentive, sensitive and understands the new goals and objectives of the work of power. Plus, his communication openness and very high personal involvement in all processes that take place in the region and around the region, including important issues related to security.”

Commenting on the content of the message to the “Club of Regions”, the experts drew attention to its unusual format. Report on what has been done in the region in 2021. and what to do in 2022, Gladkov built in accordance with his main thesis through the prism of human life – from birth to old age, emphasizing how power accompanies a person at all the most important stages of life.

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When information with a large amount of data fits into an understandable structure (a person’s lifeline is an understandable structure for everyone), then people do not have the feeling that officials speak “Chinese” to them, the political strategist is sure Alena August. “Firstly, people do not have rejection, and secondly, they have the opportunity to break it into semantic blocks. And this is the correct approach of the head of the region. This is what I call translation from Russian into Russian, because very often the speeches of officials are completely incomprehensible to people, explains August. “The most important thing is to motivate people. When people hear understandable information, they do not have negativity and they are ready to participate in it. And any initiative of the authorities with this approach meets less resistance, but, on the contrary, people begin to work together with the authorities, and even suggest something. Our main problem is the lack of dialogue between the people and the authorities. There is a smoke screen between them. And such more lively, positive and understandable ways of communication, which Gladkov demonstrates even during the protocol report, help to break through this veil.

Gladkov’s desire to make his associates not only the government of the region and the deputies, but also the inhabitants of the Belgorod region, is another of his distinguishing features as a governor, Poturemsky says: “Only such an approach is effective. If the authorities act, causing “good” to the inhabitants, and believe that they are doing the right thing, then as a result, alienation grows. And in today’s information environment, in the face of today’s challenges, this is happening much faster than it might seem. And the authorities have to act faster and more efficiently, and most importantly, to hear what people want from it. Do not just do as you see fit, but do it with our interests in mind so that we can use it. This is now the key change in the assessment of the work of the authorities and in relations between the authorities and the population.”

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One of the brightest examples of such cooperation is the gubernatorial project “We Decide Together” within the framework of initiative budgeting. The interest of residents who want to participate in decision-making on the distribution of budgetary funds has increased four times over the year. For 2022 770 projects were approved, for which almost 2.2 billion rubles are provided in the budget.

Gladkov does not hide the fact that the reporting year 2021 was difficult not only in itself, but also for him personally: “a new region, new people, a new position.” But the joint work helped to achieve the results, which he spoke about today. The main indicator of the region’s economic stability is the gross regional product. At the end of 2021 The GRP of the Belgorod Region reached 1.3 trillion rubles, an increase of 27%. Forecast by the end of 2022 – 1.4 trillion rubles. The region is not abandoning the ambitious goal of doubling GRP by 2030, which Gladkov set last year.

In his speech, the Belgorod governor did not ignore the problem of shelling by Ukraine, noting the far-sightedness of the decision, which was made jointly with the deputies when forming the budget, to allocate 1 billion rubles for security in border areas and large cities. “As a region that has the longest border with Ukraine among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, we understand that security acquires a different price,” Gladkov stressed.

The work on patriotic education of the younger generation, which is being carried out in the region, acquires special significance, the governor is sure. “The upbringing of true patriotism, love for the Motherland is our common task, the task of not only leaders, but the task of every person. And the current situation in Ukraine shows how terrible the consequences can be if someone forgets about it even for a moment. And I am proud that the Belgorod region in this work, in the work of the spiritual, moral, Orthodox attitude to the soul, in boundless love for a person, is a model for many,” the head of the region shared.

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“Today, it is patriotic formats of work with youth that are more relevant than ever, especially for border regions,” said the director of the Center for Political Analysis, a political scientist Pavel Danilin, commenting on one of the new projects of the Belgorod region – military history camps for high school students and students of “Armata”. – Patriotic education is an extremely significant part of such fees. And against the backdrop of ongoing shelling by Ukrainian saboteurs, this is not just relevant, but hyper-relevant. I hope that this initiative of the Belgorod governor will receive general support, including at the federal level, and teenagers not only from the border regions will be able to take training courses in such camps and gain new skills.”

Concluding his speech with a patriotic bloc, the Belgorod governor demonstrated that the tasks of patriotic education and support for youth organizations are among the top priorities for him, says State Duma deputy, executive secretary of the Russian Search Movement public organization Elena Tsunaeva. “In every possible way, we must cultivate love for the Motherland through the activities that the public organization is engaged in, including educational processes. Military-patriotic training is a traditional area of ​​work in our country (both in the Russian Empire and in the Soviet Union), and it is associated with a special role or place of our army in the life of the Russian state due to the fact that we have a constitutional obligation to serve in the army, and due to the fact that our state is always under challenges from outside,” summed up the interlocutor of the “Club of Regions”.

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