Experts suggest special privileges for people vaccinated against coronavirus

The European Union began to vaccinate on December 27, and thus laid the first stone to the collective immunization of the entire population for the gradual return to a normality that could take years to return to being identical to the previous one due to the pandemic. Vaccination, which will have health benefits, could be a good passport to carry out certain activities, as suggested by some experts.

This is the case of the president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery; and also the head of the Permanent Commission for Immunization of Germany (STIKO, in its initials in German) Thomas Mertens. As published German wave, both experts have suggested that those immunized by vaccination access a kind of “passport” to access flights, restaurants, concerts or cinemas.

Researchers call for debate in the medium term

Montgomery explained in an interview with German public radio that it was too early to discuss this idea, since the vaccine was only available to vulnerable groups, although he defended that it was an idea that should be kept on the table. In fact, many Germans already have a “Immunization passport”, which records all the vaccines that have been given.

The proposal would not be an explicit vaccine obligation, but it would create a favorable climate for those who decide to be immunized had a series of benefits. In contrast, those who decide not to be immunized against Covid-19 could suffer several restrictions, such as the impossibility of going to eat at a restaurant or attending a show or entertainment venue.

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More explicit was the president of STIKO, since he explained to the newspaper The world It could be imagined that companies would require proof of immunity against the new coronavirus before accepting clients: “These are private agreements made by the owner of the restaurant, the airline or the organizer of the concert.”

Germany: “There will be no special treatment for those vaccinated”

Despite suggestions from experts, the German government is reluctant to apply measures that make the vaccine against Covid-19 mandatory. For fear that a measure of this type could feed the anti-vaccine movement, the Executive has insisted that giving privileges to the immunized is not on the table.

“Politically I have a very clear position in this regard,” said the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, to the newspaper Picture on sunday. “As important as vaccination is for us, there will be no special treatment for those vaccinated. Distinguishing between vaccinated and unvaccinated would be the same as making the vaccine mandatory. “

Despite warnings to the contrary and the will not to legislate in that direction, Angela Merkel’s member of the Government acknowledged that in practice they have a small margin of action for prevent companies from implementing their own policies, but has insisted: “A special treatment for the vaccinated would divide society.”

Spain wants to return to “normality” in summer

The beginning of the supply to stop the antigen that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has developed has made the government set a clear goal with the return to a certain normal life: to achieve by the end of the summer the long-awaited herd immunity that will occur when near the 70% of the population is protected against Covid-19 and the pandemic can be stopped.

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Although in Spain also mandatory vaccination had been considered, is a measure that, for the moment, the Ministry of Health discards. The Government plans to educate people about accepting immunization, although it does prepare a national list of people who refuse to receive immunization.

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