extended or not in Memphis?

At the Grizzlies since his arrival in the NBA in 2017, Dillon Brooks has been part of the furniture in Memphis. However, his contract is coming to an end soon, which raises some questions about his future in Tennessee and the potential amount of his extension.

Zach Kleiman, Memphis’ basketball operations boss, has already secured a number of players representing important parts of the Grizzlies’ present and future. Ja Morant obviously, but also Jaren Jackson Jr., Brandon Clarke, Tyus Jones or even John Konchar. But Dillon Brooks is not on this list. At least for now.

The Memphis bulldog, paid just over 11 million this season, is in the last year of his contract and will therefore be a free agent next summer if no extension is signed before. It’s a scenario that’s largely possible given the Grizzlies can “only” offer him $62 million over four seasons at the time of these lines. An annual salary of 16 million therefore, not sure that is enough to convince Brooks who has established himself as a fierce outside defender while turning 17 points per game since 2019.

The Grizzlies would no doubt like to extend it for 16 million a year, with Dillon Brooks contributing a lot to the DNA of the Memphis team. Ambitious, sometimes insolent but above all ready to look any opponent in the eye, the Grizz have managed to build an identity thanks to the players trained on site, and Brooks contributes a lot to it even if he sometimes overestimates his abilities a little. offensives. Realizing his worth, Dillon might be tempted to test the Free Agency market to see what kind of contract he can potentially land: 20 million a season? Or a little more?

On the side of the Memphis franchise, the accounts are very healthy today but knowing that Ja Morant’s max contract will start next season (over 33 million in the first year), that Jaren Jackson Jr. already weighs nearly 30 million a year and that Desmond Bane will also get a nice jackpot once his rookie deal expires (2024-25), Zach Kleiman may have to make some sacrifices at some point.

As you have understood, the Dillon Brooks case is one of the files to follow in the months to come. We can’t imagine the Grizzlies transferring him to the deadline just to avoid the risk of losing him without compensation next summer, Memphis having big ambitions this year in the Western Conference. Nonetheless, his future with the Grizz today comes with a question mark.


Source texte : Hoop Collective Podcast

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