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According to a report from Insider.com on November 30 From the evening of the 29th (Tuesday) to the morning of the 30th (Wednesday), extreme storms and tornadoes hit parts of the southern United States, killing at least two people in Alabama. An emergency official said a local community was leveled by the severe weather.

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Christina Thornton, director of the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency (Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency), said in an interview with Fox Weather on the morning of the 30th that after the disaster, “a small community just disappeared from the map. It’s gone.” Thornton described the damage as a “horrible sight” and said the mobile home was “completely destroyed.”

Thornton said that the day before the disaster, you could still see some houses there on the way to work, and this morning they are all gone, which is really devastating.

According to reports, the tornado hit the Flatwood community (the Flatwood community) on the outskirts of Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, killing two people. Preliminary findings from the National Weather Service indicated the tornado had winds of up to 110 mph.

Thornton told the Associated Press that as of now, the victims have not been identified and that others were injured.

Some areas were also hit by huge hailstones as the violent storm swept through the south, reports said. More than 33,000 homes were without power in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama as of 11 a.m., according to Poweroutage.us.

A total of 36 tornadoes were reported in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, according to preliminary data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center (NOAA).

This is the third winter in a row to experience La Niña conditions in the Pacific, according to NOAA’s winter forecast. La Niña is a weather pattern when water in the Pacific Ocean is cooler than normal, causing jet streams to push northward, carrying moisture with them. According to NOAA, research shows that a La Niña year like this year will see more severe weather, including destructive tornadoes.

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