F1: The FIA ​​is preparing an incredible revolution

In 2023, F1 will still be contested between ten teams. But in a few years, things could change. Indeed, the current president of the FIA ​​Mohammed Ben Sulayem plans to integrate at least one new team in the discipline. He thus plans to launch a process for this real revolution in F1.

For a few years now, ten teams have been fighting for the championship of F1. In 2023, Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and the other teams will be present in the paddock to try to win the constructor’s championship. And these ten teams could well be joined by an additional one in a few years.

Towards an F1 championship with 11 teams?

In comments reported by NextGen-Autothe president of the His son Mohammed Ben Sulayem explained that he considered including a new team in the paddock:  » I have asked my team at the FIA ​​to consider initiating a process for expressions of interest for potential new teams for the Formula 1 World Championship. »

Some builders on the lookout

Thanks to this process, then a possible call for tenders, an 11th team (or more) could be admitted in Formula 1. Among those interested, we can find the family Andrettialready present in Formula E and in IndyCar. Other builders might see this as a good thing, like Porscheor Honda. To see if the F1 could have more than 10 stables within a few years. If this is the case, it is a real revolution that could take place, since the drivers’ championship would also be affected. With a new team, two other drivers would be included on the starting grid, creating a race for the title at 22 instead of 20. To be continued…

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