Facebook: Investors don’t like to see that page 1

In particular after the turbulence surrounding the storming of the US Capitol in Washington a few days ago, there are strong distortions in user behavior around the messenger service WhatsApp, which lost around millions of users within a few days. Investors reacted with alarm and pushed Facebook’s security back to the EMA 200 by $ 250.00. However, this also broke a medium-term upward trend, so that a smaller sell signal has now been activated. The new terms of use for WhatsApp users are also unlikely to be of much help to the company in the short term, as they provide for a direct link with the parent company. Many users could therefore switch to alternative platforms, which means that the share continues to fall.

Data octopus continues to spread

From a technical point of view, a sustainable weekly closing price below US $ 250.00 would initially mean a potential sell signal in the direction of US $ 244.13, below which there is likely to be a further drop to a price of US $ 234.89 and thus a price gap closure . If you want to be on the short page on Facebook this time, you can do so, for example, using the Open End Turbo Short Certificate WKN VQ3GFN to do. A rebound on the upper side, on the other hand, would have room up to the mark of around USD 260.00. In calmer waters, on the other hand, Facebook only returns above USD 272.00, then an increase to USD 285.00 would be possible.

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