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As we turn the page to 2021, now is the time for the Alaska Pilots to continue the work of negotiating improvements to their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In this episode, host Captain David Campbell speaks with Master Executive Council (MEC) officers—Captain Will McQuillen, Captain Joe Youngerman, Captain Scott Mokos and Captain Garin Tentschert. Most of their discussion will reference and add more detail to a four-minute video message released last week. We recommend you watch that video—linked below—before listening to this episode.
Terms and references in this episode that may be unfamiliar to some listeners:
Canoll: Captain Tim Canoll served as the Air Line Pilots Association International’s president from 2015- 2019.
CBA: Collective Bargaining Agreement.
SME: Subject Matter Expert. These are pilots who are committee volunteers and have special skills, knowledge, and experience who help support the Alaska MEC. While these pilots volunteer their time on behalf of, and to improve the lives and safety of their fellow pilots, their work almost always creates an ancillary benefit to the company. Some examples include adding an important level of safety, cost savings, and ensuring flight operations processes run smoothly. The company receives these benefits at minimal, and in many cases, no cost.


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