False Report Leads Police to Find Fugitive from Illinois Authorities – NBC Houston

HOUSTON – A false complaint by a woman against a man who had allegedly held her against her will led authorities to the whereabouts of a man who was wanted in the state of Illinois for multiple crimes.

Dezzen Phillips, 31, awaits extradition to Illinois where he is charged with murder, illegal delivery of a controlled substance, assault and gang-related activity among other conduct.

The man was arrested after a woman reported to the authorities that he had detained her, subdued her in the trunk of a vehicle and had stolen her belongings, including her wallet and cell phone.

This happened on November 15 in the early hours of the morning, when the woman was found walking across the Kemah bridge.

The Orion spacecraft came within 80 miles of the lunar surface.

The woman said Phillips had committed the crime after taking her out of Maribelle’s bar, located at 3136 East NASA Parkway.

The woman was taken for medical evaluation at a Clear Lake area hospital.

Police searched for the suspect and found him at an area hotel and, coincidentally, he turned out to be the man wanted in Illinois.

Investigations by the Seabrook Police Department authorities determined that the accusations against Phillips for the alleged kidnapping were unfounded, so he will not face charges in our area.

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