Family in California will PCR test their guests on New Years

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California / 30.12.2021 13:49:55

As the events to receive the New Year canceled in California, there’s a Marin County party that’s still going on. Of course, with due negative test for covid-19.

Andrew Angus and his family acquired a PCR testing machine to examine their guests, who are also asked to be fully vaccinatedeven with the booster dose.

The Mill Valley family said everyone will need to take a test to get into the party. Unlike the rapid antigen tests available in pharmacies, a PCR test it is considered more accurate and can detect the genetic material of the virus early in the infection.

But the family has other basic rules for entering their new Year’s Eve party.

They are not allowed to go to the grocery store, or seeing other people, “said Angus.” We left things at that point to create a kind of ‘safety bubble’ as much as possible. “

The data shows that Marin County has had at least five days of record covid-19 cases, mainly among the not vaccinated.

Authorities across the country suggest avoiding large gatherings on New Year’s Eve, fearing that this will increase the number of infections.

The Angus family has two children who cannot be vaccinated for pre-existing health conditions and they consider that they should take additional precautions against covid-19.



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