Father enters school and hits 30 students who bullied his children

Bullying is still a problem very serious facing society. These types of actions affect behavior. and the lives of thousands of children, who are violated with words and physical aggression by their classmates or neighbors.

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According to the study World Bullying Statistics 2020-2021carried out by the NGO International Bullying Without Borders for America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa, cases around the world continue to rise.

Six out of 10 children suffer every day some kind of bullying and cyberbullying.

Father attacks students who bullied his children

“Violence generates more violence”, says a popular saying. A) Yesat a high school in Tucson, Arizona, a family man got tired of that their children were molestedy decided to take action by his own hand, literally.

the annoying dad was involved in a battlefieldl with close to 30 students, after making sure that they bullied their descendants.

The individual, who was identified as Willie Smiththose presence in the educational institution to pick up their childrenafter being informed of a altercation that his children had with a group of students.

After the matter was cleared upsome directors asked him go out the backwith the purpose of avoid crossing with the other students who were involved in the conflict.

Nevertheless, Willie refused and decided to withdraw for the main part of the educational institution.

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And just as the scholars had told him, there they were the other guys that bullied their children. While walking, they started laughing at them, a fact that annoyed the man. Without thinking he attacked one of them, He threw him to the ground and hit him.

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