Father, mother and newborn baby from Alabama share the same birthday

The Alabama family will already have a triple birthday celebration.

Photo: Isaac Hermar / Pexels

On December 18, a couple from Huntsville, Alabama, made up of Cassidy and Dylan Scott, welcomed her first baby a beautiful girl whom they decided to call Lennon.

The curious thing about this birth is that ithe 3 members of this family will share birthdays; that is, the mother, father and daughter were born on the same day, of course in different years.

Cassidy gave birth last Sunday at the Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children; her curious story was shared precisely from the Facebook page of this clinic, since it is a coincidence that, according to statistics, occurs once in 133,000 cases.

“This is an exciting time for any family, but it is very special for this one because they all share the same birthday. So is! On Sunday, December 18, a one in 133,000 chance occurred when her daughter Lennon was born,” the Alabama hospital post reads.

“Lennon was born at 12:30 am, just as the calendar changed to December 18, and just in time for the celebration. Please join us in wishing this sweet family a very happy birthday.”

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